GPS Games

A Wonderful Family Activity!
It's appropriate for all ages, but children will need help with some parts. The "Name the American Presidents" and "Everett Tour" puzzles require the crossing of some busy streets, so ensure safety at those crossings. This isn't Geocaching, so you won't need to seek out buried boxes. You'll be seeking info that is in plain view or obscured slightly with a bush.

There are 4 puzzles in this brochure.
You can do one or more of these puzzles as you have time. Three puzzles include location searches: Name the American Presidents, the Everett Tour and the Bedford Cemetery Tour. Puzzle Number Four is only possible once you have accurately compiled info gathered from the first three puzzles. You can decipher that info and use it to unlock the Treasure Chest in the Bedford County Visitors Bureau Welcome Center at 131 South Juliana St. in Bedford, PA

New to Using GPS? You need to know:
Some GPS units use "Thousandths": ie. N40 01.078 (N40 degrees, 01 minute, 78 thousandths) Other GPS units use "Seconds": ie N40 01 04.7 (North 40 degrees, 01 minute, 4 point 7 seconds) We list coordinates in thousandths, with seconds shown in parentheses. ie N40 01.078 (04.7)

Your GPS readers may vary, depending on the number / strength of satellite signals you're receiving. Surrounding buildings, trees or atmospherics may affect your GPS accuracy.

If you're experienced with geocaching, any of these puzzles should be quite doable! If you are new to this activity…puzzles one and three are a great place to start. Try them; see if you have the hang of it and then move on to puzzle number two.

Attention Geocachers: The GPS Games Activity is an official Geocache. Click here for more information.

Easy to Find

Bedford County is conveniently located in South Central, PA, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Lincoln Highway, Interstate 99 and Interstate 70.

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