Guided Walking Tours

The Bedford County Visitors Bureau conducts tours of Historic Bedford on Friday afternoons from June through the end of October. The tours begin at the visitors bureau office at 3:30 and conclude around 5:00 PM. The Visitors Bureau Office is located at 131 South Juliana Street in downtown Bedford. 

We go to several sites, including the 1828 courthouse that still serves Bedford County, the site of Fort Bedford and the Espy House (a National Historic Landmark, where President Washington made his headquarters during the Whiskey Rebellion).

The tour is heavy on human interest. For example, the only civilian ever executed in Bedford County was a minister. We tell you how and why it happened. We'll also tell you how Fort Bedford was captured ... and why the captors gave it back to the British!

The best part about the tours, (except for the excellent information and charming tour guide) is that it is free! 

If you'd like to take the guided tour, call the Visitors Bureau at (800)765-3331. Reservations aren't required, but we'd love to know if you plan to attend .

Self Guided Walking Tours

Our office has a variety of walking tours that you can do at your leisure. Please give is a call today to request your copies of the following brochures!

Downtown Historic Bedford - This is a condensed version of the guided tour that we offer on Fridays (See Above). There's also shopping info included in this brochure. Take the self guided tour around Bedford. It will take about 40 minutes to complete and will require about 1/4 mile of walking.

Learning Architecture - An excellent guide for learning some basics about architecture. In this brochure/walking tour, you'll encounter Federalist, Art Deco, Gothic Revival, Programmatic and Italianate style. All are presented in easy to understand language along with some fun facts about the history of each style. You'll never look a six panel door in quite the same way after you graduate from the "Learning Architecture" Brochure!


Video Walking Tours

These walking tours feature info from several self guided tours in video form. These video tours combine streaming video and QR codes for entertaining walks around the towns of Bedford and Everett. If you do not have a QR reader on your phone, they are generally available as a free app in your app store, or you can view them all on YouTube here. We have the following video tour brochures available.

Learning Architecture

-This brochure is an architectural activity in Bedford, PA. Use your smart phone or portable Internet-ready device as you walk through the town and learn some things about architecture.

Historic Everett, PA

- This walking tour takes you through the history of Everett. From the French and Indian War to the railroad and turnpike growth and beyond, this tour touches many important moments in Everett's history



GPS Games

GPS Games is a wonderful family activity. You can do one or more of these puzzles as you have time. Three puzzles include location searches: Name the American Presidents, the Everett Tour and the Bedford Cemetery Tour. Puzzle Number Four is only possible once you have accurately compiled info gathered from the first three puzzles. You can decipher that info and use it to unlock the Treasure Chest in the Bedford County Visitors Bureau Welcome Center at 131 South Juliana St. in Bedford, PA


Easy to Find

Bedford County is conveniently located in South Central, PA, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Lincoln Highway, Interstate 99 and Interstate 70.

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