Covered Bridges

The Covered Bridge Driving Tour is our most popular driving tour. It’ll take you about 90 minutes and passes 9 bridges and the quirky “Gravity Hill”. Tour is approximately 40 miles. 

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Location: Around Bedford County
Time: About 1.5 hours, but varies for everyone.
Length: Approximately 40 Miles
When: Any time you want to see them.

This bridge is a Burr Truss bridge with horizontal bracing at truss top level. It spans Bob’s Creek, just west of Route 869, about 1.5 miles northwest of Osterburg. Bypassed by a steel and concrete bridge in 1973, it is now closed with a cable across the entrance. County owned.

It has vertical boards on the lower 1/3rd of the bridge. It sits on stone and mortar abutments.

Location: Osterburg
Year Built: 1890
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 90 ft.
Width: 12.5 ft.

This county owned bridge stands at the entrance to Old Bedford Village in Bedford. It was was built in 1880 in Reynoldsdale and was moved to its present location in 1975. It is a burr truss design which has been reinforced with steel to support bus traffic that frequents Old Bedford Village.

The structure is unpainted and the roof is constructed of Cedar shakes. The deck consists of crossboard planks and the sides are totally enclosed. It sits on poured concrete abutments.

Location: Bedford, PA
Year Built: 1880
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 126 ft.
Width: 14 ft.

The Colvin Covered Bridge has recently been refurbished. The photo on this page shows the bridge before the upgrades. It is a multiple king-post bridge, resting on concrete abutments. Built in 1894, it crosses Shawnee Creek near Township Route 443 which can be reached from Route 30 just west of the traffic light in Schellsburg. The creek is a popular place for fishing. County owned.

The bridge is 66 feet long and is traversable.

Location: Schellsburg
Year Built: 1880
Type: Multiple King-post
Length: 66 feet
Width: 12.5 ft.

Cuppett’s Covered Bridge was built on land owned by William and Phillip Cuppett.

Located near New Paris, this burr truss design has unusually low arches and open sides.

It is unpainted and allowed to weather naturally, it spans Dunnings Creek, a mile north of New Paris. Privately owned.

The bridge is 60 feet long. It is not traversable.

Location: New Paris
Year Built: 1882
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 60 ft.
Width: 12 ft.

The Dr. Knisely Covered Bridge crosses Dunnings Creek along the main road between Bedford and Johnstown. It stands 1/10th of a mile off of Route 56 (about 1.5 miles southeast of Pleasantville. Vertical boards cover about 1/3rd of the sides, with horizontal boards inside. The roof is metal. The abutments are stone and mortar. Privately owned.

The bridge is 80 feet long. It is not traversable.

Location: Alum Bank
Year Built: 1867
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 80 ft.
Width: 12.5 ft.

Felten’s Mill Covered Bridge, as it stands today, was built in 1892 to replace an 1889 bridge that was destroyed in the 1889 flood. It is located on private land beside Felten’s Mill. It crosses Brush Creek, downstream of Jackson’s Mill Bridge, just south of Breezewood. It is Privately owned and can only be viewed from E. Mattie Road upstream. (indicated on map) The bridge is 100 feet long. It is not traversable or accessible.

Location: South of Breezewood
Year Built: 1892
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 100 ft.
Width: 12.5 ft.

This is the seventh bridge that was built on this location since 1860. This current structure was built in 1884 and refurbished several years ago. It is a burr truss design, 97 feet in length. The bridge crosses Yellow Creek, just off of Route 26 (several miles north of Everett, Pennsylvania). It is in Hopewell Township, on State Route 1020.County owned.

The bridge is in excellent condition and is drivable.

Location: Near Hopewell
Year Built: 1884
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 97 ft.
Width: 12.5 ft.

At 136 feet, this is the longest of all of the covered bridges in Bedford County. The Herline Covered Bridge crosses the Raystown branch of the Juniata River just north of Manns Choice, Pennsylvania. It is a burr truss design.

It was built in 1902 and refurbished in 1997. It is located along Watson Road, about a mile north of Manns Choice. State owned.

The bridge is 136 feet long. It is in excellent condition and is traversable.

Location: North of Manns Choice
Year Built: 1902
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 136 ft.
Width: 9 ft.
Weight Limit: 9 ft.

Located in a remote part of Bedford County, south of Chaneysville, the Hewitt Bridge is along the road to McElfish’s Mill (Township Route 326). Built in 1879, the bridge spans 88 1/2 feet, crossing Town Creek. County owned.

The sides are almost completely covered with vertical boards on the outside.

Hewitt Bridge rests on a stone and mortar abutment.

The bridge is traversable.

Location: South of Chaneysville.
Year Built: 1879
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 88.5 ft.
Width: 14 ft.

Named for M.J. Jackson, owner of the nearby grist and sawmill, this bridge sits 300 yards downstream of its original location since the 1889 flood. It is a 95 foot Burr Truss bridge with a shallow gable roof and high exterior sides. It crosses Brush Creek 3 1/2 miles south of Breezewood, PA on Township Route 12. The Jackson’s Mill Bridge has been refurbished and is in excellent condition. A very picturesque bridge. It is traversable.

Location: Breezewood, PA
Year Built: 1875
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 95 Feet
Width: 14.5 ft.

Fitchner family legend says that either Jacob or Johnathon Fitchner built this bridge crossing Gladdens Run at Palo Alto in 1880 leading to its dual identity. A Privately owned multiple king-post bridge with horizontal clapboard siding on the lower 1/3rd, making it easy to see the king-post structure. Near Route 96 4 miles south of Hyndman in SW Bedford Count, It sits on stone and mortar abutments, with no steel reinforcing.

Location: South of Hyndman
Year Built: 1880
Type: Multiple King-post
Length: 56 ft.
Width: 13 ft.

Lost to fire in 2002, Bedford County Commissioners committed to rebuild this structure. The bridge was rebuilt and reopened to traffic in 2004. This covered bridge takes its name from the nearby town of Ryot, PA. It is a Burr Truss design, 83 1/2 feet long. The Ryot Bridge crosses Dunnings Creek between Route 96 and Route 56. County owned.

It rests on stone and mortar abutments. The Ryot Bridge is drivable.

Location: Ryot
Year Built: 1880’s (approximate)
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 83.5
Width: 12 ft.

This uniquely named bridge takes its name from Jacob Snooks. It is located near what was, years ago, Snook’s home. 82 feet in length, this is a Burr Truss design that was built in 1883. Spanning Dunnings Creek, it is found just off of Route 56, north of Fishertown, on Township Route 554.County owned.

The Snooks Bridge is open to traffic.

Location: Alum Bank
Year Built: 1883
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 82 ft.
Width: 14 ft.

You’ll easily find this bridge, from Route 31 on the Somerset side of Manns Choice. It is an 89 foot Burr Truss bridge, with low side panels and open sides. Construction date is believed to be 1892 (approximately).

It spans the Raystown branch of the Juniata River. County owned.

It rests on stone abutments, reinforced with concrete. The Turner Bridge is drivable.

Location: West of Manns Choice
Year Built: 1892 (approximate)
Type: Burr Truss
Length: 89 ft.
Width: 13 ft.